The pedal cart factory


Educate in Lean methods, tools and continuous improvement work

The Pedal Cart Factory or Trampbilsfabriken
a. k. a. C2U Lean Training Center (LTC)

LTC is our arena where we train and educate in Lean methods, tools and continuous improvement work. Here we can simulate situations and conditions as we have our own “mini-factory”.

“The Pedal Cart Factory/Trampbilsfabriken”, is a simulated environment with production flow, material flow, result follow-up, andon system, roles & responsibilities, quality control, visual control, etc. where participants through practical training get a better understanding of how to achieve profitability and continuous improvement work with none or very small means.

The Pedal Cart Factory is an excellent alternative when you need to simulate layouts and train situations where you can not be in your own business without disturbing.


pedal cart factory C2U

C2U Group has since 2016 collaborated with Vibracoustic in Forsheda, Småland. Vibracoustic is a prominent company in Operational Excellence and makes a perfect settlement as our campus for LTC. The Pedal Cart Factory is located in the premises of the Vibracoustic plant.

The Pedal Cart Factory as a training concept was developed in 2007 by JMAC Scandinavia in collaboration with Innovatum in Trollhättan and funded by Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency. It started off as a training program to strengthen leaders in the Swedish automotive industry and developed to a program suitable for all sectors and industries. Nearly 700 people have been trained since 2007 and many large Swedish companies and Universities have copied the original concept from us.

Today we run both open trainings for individuals as well as company-specific programs. We also do workshops for students in their final year as part of their education program for several Universities and Colleges.

Examples of themes that can be included in the training:

  • What is Lean
  • 5S
  • Standardized Work
  • Daily Control
  • Strategic Target Break Down
  • Problem Solving 
  • Andon
  • Kanban
  • Visualization 
  • Operator Training
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Improvement Work – Kaizen

We put together a program that meet your needs or you participate in our open trainings. Does it sound interesting? Contact us at