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C2U Academy offers various educations and training programs

Ranging from top management trainings to hands-on tool trainings. We advocate practical training as much as we can since we believe in learning by doing. To us, training in various Lean methods and tools is an essential part of achieving a change in behavior.

Our training programs

Management Training:
"The Execute Program"

An extensive, exclusive training program in 3-6 modules for management. Every module take place onsite and is very hands-on. The focus is how you work and act as a manager or leader in an improvement culture, creating result.

Training in Japan -
The Origin of Lean

Never underestimate going to the source. The learnings you get by doing a training in Japan is unique and can never be achieved anywhere else. Since 2004, C2U arrange trainings to Japan where you can be part of and experience how Japanese companies see and work with Lean. For example, we do hands-on training at Toyota’s own training centers.

The Pedal Cart Factory
(Trampbilsfabriken) in Småland

C2U Group has since many years a collaboration with Vibracoustic in Forsheda, Småland. The plant is a prominent company in Operational Excellence, and we are proud to have our Pedal Cart Factory located on their premises. Here we train and educate in Lean methods, way of working, continuous improvement and leadership.

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