C2U in Norway

The four founders of C2U Norway; Jonas Pettersson, André Knüppel, Bjørn Eirik Bergland and Jan Granaas, worked together at REC Wafer Norway when the global solar energy industry entered a turbulent period in 2010. Going from one of the fastest growth companies in Scandinavia to focus on cost and survival, was an extraordinary situation and challenge to the company management.

The strategy for REC had both structural and cultural characteristics. Working with methods like Lean, Agile, change management and other tools for improvement paid off on a global basis.

When REC moved operations and head quarters to Asia in 2011, the four founders decided use their experience and start a consulting company aiming to help Norwegian companies to become more competitive.
In 2012, C2U Norway was established. 


C2U in Sweden

C2U Norway wanted to expand its business and decided to buy JMAC Scandinavia, since 1999 an established consulting firm in Sweden.

JMAC Scandinavia was one affiliate of JMA Consultants Inc. (JMAC) that started in 1980 in Japan aiming to support the Japanese and international markets with knowledge and management in the field of value-creating work.

But the long history started already in 1942 when JMA (Japan Management Association) was founded, a non-profit organization that aimed to promote knowledge exchange and strengthen the Japanese industrial skills that had weakened during World War II. JMA is well reknown for being the base for Shigeo Shingo and also for owning the trademark of TPM.
In 2016 JMAC Scandinavia was merged with C2U.