How to use the To Lead model

The model can be used to assess:

  • Existing leadership program and trainings in an organisation
  • Current leadership strengths and weaknesses in an organisation or in a team
  • Individual assessment to find improvement potential

The outcome of doing an assessment leads to

  • Clarity and transparency on the leadership expectations
  • Improved leadership programs and trainings

  • Individual or team-based training programs

The story behind the model


In the fast-paced world… of business, the demand for effective leadership has never been greater. Yet, despite the myriad frameworks and training programs available, many companies still struggle to cultivate leaders who can truly navigate the complexities of modern organizations. This challenge is particularly acute for those engaged in Lean/Operational Excellence/Continuous Improvement, where specific expectations on leaders are often intertwined with broader HR frameworks.

We – three seasoned consultants and line leaders from different companies – found ourselves sharing a common frustration: the disconnect between leadership expectations and reality within the organizations we served. We observed that while companies may aspire to develop leaders capable of driving change and fostering innovation, they often fall short due to a lack of clarity and alignment in leadership development efforts.

Motivated to address this gap, we came together to create a comprehensive model that would encompass the full spectrum of leadership capabilities. Drawing on our collective expertise and experiences, we developed the To Lead model, a holistic framework designed to empower leaders at all levels to excel in their roles.

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Jonas Pettersson
C2U Group

Hans Knutsen
Straledo Consulting

Magnus Isaksson
SHAOD Consulting