Morgan Lundberg

Senior Consultant

Morgan Lundberg has 39 years of experience in the automotive industry mainly within production (operational, leadership and specialist roles), purchasing (operational, project and strategic) and cost engineering.

With broad experience and knowledge of production processes and organizations has Morgan the ability to quickly see problem areas and improvement opportunities, this has been very useful and valuable also in the purchasing positions and as a cost engineer.  

Morgan has as category manager within purchasing worked with national and international suppliers and developed business relations.

As Senior Cost Engineer, which is his special area, has Morgan worked close to engineering with “design to cost” and target prices for new products. For purchasing has he identified cost saving opportunities for purchased products by doing “should-cost calculations” and performed fact-based negotiations with suppliers. He has also had vital roles in both Lean and cost reduction workshops at suppliers.

With the combination of production, purchasing and cost engineering knowledge has Morgan the ability to support companies to improve both their own production and their supply chain.