Per, can you tell a little bit of about yourself?

I´m an engineer living in Skövde with my 3 kids. With almost 40 years working in industries, over the years I have worked in many companies and with all common materials such, wood, metal, plastic and food industries. I really like leadership, be the role model in a company, see all the employees, create a good working environment and coach all leaders to deliver and develop them self’s and the organizations and put same pressures on result deliveries. I like to catch up and learn new things and with my high energy I like to involve me in the companies’ whole processes and also coach managers and specialists.

Why do you think a company should hire an interim manager?
For me its two things that is perfect for interim solutions, first of course just fill the gap in a position between recruitment and the permanent is hired are up and running. The other are when something needs to be achieved first before a permanent position could be in place. Last one could be poor result, profit, need of restructuring, process major projects and/or in/out sourcing etc. I like both and I´m all in when I am in an assignment and are doing my very best to the last day.

What do you find most interesting about working as an interim?
I decided many years ago that I will spend my last active 10 years as an interim manager to help and in some way payback and use my deep experiences to create increased profit, develop companies and personnel. I like my work very much and it’s very satisfying when I´m leaving an assignment and the company is in a better shape then before.