Interim Roles

Looking for someone reliable to fill a gap in between? Or someone who could take your organization to the next level? C2U have an extended network of persons, who can take on different interim roles. When assigning an interim from C2U you do not only get that person - you also get the whole C2U team in the background as a knowledge resource. Below some examples of roles and areas where we offer interim services:

  • CEO

  • Plant Manager

  • Warehouse Manager

  • Change Management Leader

  • Project Manager

  • Quality Manager

  • Supplier Development

  • Supply Chain Manager

  • Logistics Manager

  • Maintenance Manager


Some examples of interim assignments at our customers:

Our Interim Network
C2U's basic philosophy is to contribute to increasing our customers' competitiveness and result, regardless of industry or sector. This is obvious to our interim network as well. The common denominator for our consultants is that they have had demanding line jobs, either as managers, leaders or specialists. 
Focus on Results
An interim consultant from C2U focuses on results through systematic improvement work. We help increase the customer's ability to drive change processes,  perform clean turnarounds, and implement Lean transformations. We strive to help to find good and cost-effective solutions.
C2U's network have all done this before, so we know what it takes to create real change. 

Examples of Assignments


Plant Manager

The customer had started a large improvement program across the company but did not have the driven and experienced managers to lead the change at all sites. C2U was assigned to find a plant manager for one site and after 9 months at the site, the systematic and factbased leadership by the interim manager turned the site from red to black figures. 

Key Activities
  • Evalute organisation
  • Reorginaze the organisation
  • Replace WC staff
  • Groom a new plant manager
  • Stating up measuring systems to get facts and figures
  • Restart of Lean work
  • Taking away accordswork
  • Implement 2 shift production
  • Total reoginaze production flows
  • Purchase new equipment
  • New organisation at place, both in office and management and on the shopfloor
  • Lean work running smoothly
  • Steady production flows an pace through out whole line
  • Automated production flows
  • The result improved from minus 5 million Euros to positive figures.

Plant Manager

The customer needed help with interim management and to evaluate the present organisation and if needed change it. They wanted a higher speed in the upstart of lean activities and do major improvement work

Key Activities
  • Evalute organisatione structure
  • Reorginaze the organisation
  • Replace WC staff
  • Starting up measuring systems to get facts and figures
  • Restart of Lean work
  • Improve productivity heavily
  • Implement flexing production system
  • Improve relations with unions
  • Purchase new equipment
  • New organisation at place, both in office and management and on the shopfloor
  • Lean work running smoothly
  • Poruductivity improved with 100% in existing lines
  • Launch or 2 complete new product groups
  • Launch of 2 new production lines
  • Relations in teams and relations with unions very good
  • Plan for the future set and implementations started

Improvement Leader

The customer had decided implement a Lean Production System across the plants in the company. C2U was assigned to take the improvement leader role at several plants in the company to both lead the transformation, but also to set the base. After one year, savings of appr. 17 MSEK was achieved in one of the plants the C2U was leading. 


When we supported our customer in the acquisition process of a company, a new CEO was needed directly after the purchase. The interim manager from C2U had been a part of the acquisition process and then took on the CEO role for one year. A win-win for both C2U and for the customer as the interim manager had already a good insight of the company working with the acquisition.

Warehouse Manager

C2U was assigned for a project with a team that together with the customer started an improvement journey. After 5 months C2U was asked to take the Warehouse Manager role for one year to secure the customers improvement journey. This interim role led to next assignment within that company.

Maintenance Manager

One customer needed a consultant to contribute in a transformation project. The customer wanted a person who had experience as a maintenance manager as well as had worked with methodologies within the maintenance area. After the transformation project the customer wanted the C2U consultant to take an interim position as the maintenance manager until an internal solution could be in place.

Production Manager

During a Lean transformation assignment for a customer, a need for quick change of the manager position for incoming goods was discovered. C2U could offer a reliable interim manager for 3 months  until an internal solution could be in place.

Quality Manager

The customer needed to build up a stronger quality department and put new ways of working into place. C2U replaced the current quality manager for one year, initiated new work processes and set up a stable base for the replaced manager to return to after securing the knowledge transfer.

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