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Do you want to improve your results? – Performance management

The key to create results is to manage your performance in a structured way. A Performance Management System gives your that structure.

We see five steps in setting up your performance management system:

  1. Strategy Alignment: You need to answer the questions: Which goals do we have? What do we want to achieve? And why do these items get priority? The answers to these questions should tell you where do we want to be in 3-5 years from now and what is the direction?
  2. Strategy Deployment: What do these goals mean for the respective department and teams in the organization? What and how can they contribute? How are we going to organize it? They need to answer how they can contribute to these goals.
  3. Introduction of a Daily/Weekly/Monthly follow-up system: How are things going? Have we improved compared to yesterday? What are the issues causing deviations? Which things can we resolve ourselves, and where do we need help from others? And has the issue been addressed at the right level?
  4. Continuously improve: Frequent evaluation of the progress of your improvements and effectiveness of your system. Adjust where and when needed. Your organization will need support through training and coaching. Celebrate Success!
  5. Focused Improvements: There will be deviations and improvements that need more time or resources to implement than available in the daily business. Create a framework for in a focused Improvement project. Preferably as part of your Operational Excellence Program

Do you want to learn more about performance management or need help in creating or improving your system reach out to us at C2U. We have extensive experience and have supported many organizations to drive results.

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