C2U have an extended network of persons

C2U have many collaborations to support bring a better value to our customers. We also contribute to non-profit organisations like Lean Forum Sweden and Lean Forum Norway.

Below some of our collaborations.

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Training with Toyota

What does Lean really imply? Several companies work actively with different ”Lean” concepts, but few understand the full potential of what you can do with the concept. Therefore, JMAC Scandinavia (currently C2U Group) decided in 2004 to offer a unique opportunity to study the original of Lean on-site in Japan in cooperation with Toyota. In our training programs, we offer a combination of theory in classrooms, practical workshops, study visits, networking, many discussions but above all; a lot of GEMBA!

Our senseis come mainly from the Toyota Group and have at least 30 years of experience, and they will happily answer all the questions you bring with you. The trainings focuses on PROCESS and not product – therefore, the knowledge from these weeks can be applied to any business or branch. 

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Lean Forum Sweden

Lean Forum is best known for our conferences, which are the meeting places for everyone who is passionate about lean and wants to take part in the exciting knowledge development that takes place in organizations and academia.

Every year, we draw attention to role models in lean by awarding the Swedish Lean Prize. As a member, you are welcome to visit the winner in the study visits organized by Lean Forum. We also award prizes for Lean of the Year in lean.

We also spread knowledge through the sale of selected books. Through Kunskapstorget on the website, we provide the opportunity to distribute articles, videos, books and other offers. 

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Lean Forum Norway

Lean Forum Norway is an open forum to promote value creation through innovation and business development. Research on and development of “the Norwegian model” and “lean philosophy” is central to the forum’s work.

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Asia Perspective

Asia Perspective is an independent management consulting firm assisting our clients with business advisory regarding analysis, strategy and implementation. We provide valuable insights and unparalleled experience on the Chinese and Southeast Asian Markets. Our services cover cross-border M&A, market entry and growth, as well as ensuring efficient sourcing, production and organization in the selected regions.
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enterprize excellence

Global Provider of Lean Thinking, Operational Excellence, Strategy Deployment, and Change Management services. We specialise in delivering continuous improvement and change management projects. Our work is derived from Lean, Six Sigma and Systems Thinking methodologies and it is based on many years of experience working with cutting edge organisations from many different industries across the globe. We represent S A Partners in Middle East and actively seek to grow our client base in this region.
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SBTI, a business consulting and change management company, is a viable source for multiple industry professionals. We make our clients succeed with an effort to increase revenue and productivity.

Identifying challenges in any particular industry is a common goal when competing for the number one spot! That’s why the professionals at SBTI come together to address the biggest challenges and the know-how to conquer them. 

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With a combined 30+ years of LEAN experience we help companies of any size digitize their LEAN processes.
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YesP is a consulting company that helps organizations grow, develop and perform. The best way to get there is to say yes to a culture characterized by joy and drive.
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Acuity Institute

Founded in 2005, Acuity Institute has built an excellent reputation for providing our customers with effective Operational Excellence training, coaching, and consulting solutions designed to the highest standard of expertise. As leading experts in Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Change Management and Project Leadership, we have developed relationships with thousands of individuals and organizations across a wide variety of industries in over 130 countries. Acuity has helped our clients uncover hundreds of millions of dollars in added value by optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of their teams, processes, products and services.