Costumer stories

To implement or get a Lean Business System or Lean Production System in place is a challenge to every business. C2U has formed a successful way of developing a system or do a transformation using the seven dimensions in the picture above. Normally, we start with a pilot (version “0,5”) and then cascade the learnings to the next pilot.
We also facilitate networks of companies that already have their system in place to develop further by learning from each other.

Increasing productivity has it challenges. When going from start-up to scale-up companies often struggle to increase productivity with profit. Below you see some customer stories on the topic.

The Execute Program – A Lean Management Training leading to significant results
Management has an important role in transferring the principles and values described in booklets and power point presentations into action and behavior. An effective way of transferring such documents into behavior is to work with practical training.
The purpose of this training program is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of top management to perform and empower continuous improvements. It will give the managers a better understanding of what the managements role is and what behavior is needed.

ABB Robotics in Västerås transformed one of its production lines from traditional robot assembly to takted station assembly. The transformation included new machine equipment, changed organization and a new way of working. When working with takt and also more flow-oriented, it is inevitable to set a standardized way of working. This is where C2U stepped in with expertise.

Monitor the suppliers delivery capacity The customer had struggled with the fact that the delivery rate from their suppliers was deficient, which made it difficult to satisfy their customers with a high and stable availability of goods. It also made customers choose to go to a physical store instead to buy the goods they wanted. …

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Introducing a new ERP system implies a lot of challenges. Many companies have difficulties to meet the budget and timeline. Lean thinking helps to get a stable rollout.

Using Lean as basic thinking in a turnaround is a very successful way of turning a business. The reason to this is that a continuous improvement way of working is then set and proceeds even after the turnaround.

Helped to understand the quality costs A Norwegian municipality decided to introduce Lean principles after seeing the impact and effect at some companies in the area. Methods and ways of thinking are as relevant to administrative work as in manufacturing businesses. The aim of using Lean in the municipality was to increase efficiency and become …

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