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The Execute Program

The Execute Program – A Lean Management Training leading to significant results
Management has an important role in transferring the principles and values described in booklets and power point presentations into action and behavior. An effective way of transferring such documents into behavior is to work with practical training. The purpose of this training program is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of top management to perform and empower continuous improvements. It will give the managers a better understanding of what the managements role is and what behavior is needed.

Empowering your management

A leading company within mining and infrastructure equipment:

In 2019-2020 the client gathered 22 managers from 14 different sites worldwide to do practical training in 5 modules with the aim of creating a common way of managing. The evaluation shows a competence boost, concrete results and a powerful network to continue build on. With pandemic challenges, two modules were even done digitally. In parallel with the program, the client developed their production system using the module content to verify this new hands-on and factbased way of working.

A multinational manufacturing company within trucks, buses and construction:

The first company to take on their first Execute training in 2012 to unite a scattered view of how to run operations. The practical training is appealing to both managers themselves but also a shortcut to raise understanding. From analysis levels in a baseline study to co-operate in policy deployment work. The program ran for a couple of times and has now developed into a standard management training for this client.