8 maj 2023

This week Jonas and Fredrik was in Skien, Norway to kick-off an execute program with a client. The program will train 40 leaders in the cornerstones of a Lean Operations System. The purpose of this program is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of management to perform and empower continuous improvements. It will give the …

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A few months ago, Fredrik and Samir worked with a tier 2 automotive supplier based in Europe. They were facing a large variation in demand and changes with short notice from there customer. The result of this variation was frequent re-planning and large inventories both on raw material and finished goods. When approaching a problem, …

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C2U Group is happy to announce that we officially are a training partner to Lean Forum Sweden. Together with other training partners we will offer training through Lean Forum. C2U will during the fall 2023 offer webinars with Senseis from Toyota in Japan together with Lean Forum.  Look out for the webinars!    

To implement or get a Lean Business System or Lean Production System in place is a challenge to every business. C2U has formed a successful way of developing a system or do a transformation using the seven dimensions in the picture above. Normally, we start with a pilot (version “0,5”) and then cascade the learnings to the next pilot.
We also facilitate networks of companies that already have their system in place to develop further by learning from each other.