A Lean Training in Japan is something you will never forget and can take advantage of right away when you get home! Be inspired, motivated and challenged!
“Outstanding week that gives an eye-opener that will totally knock you! This is the training you need to put all puzzle pieces together to understand what Lean is originally about.” Production Manager, Scania CV AB
What does Lean really imply? Several companies work actively with different ”Lean” concepts, but few understand the full potential of what you can do with the concept. Therefore, JMAC Scandinavia (currently C2U Group) decided in 2004 to offer a unique opportunity to study the original of Lean on-site in Japan in cooperation with Toyota. In our training programs, we offer a combination of theory in classrooms, practical workshops, study visits, networking, many discussions but above all; a lot of GEMBA!
Our senseis come mainly from the Toyota Group and have at least 30 years of experience, and they will happily answer all the questions you bring with you. The trainings focuses on PROCESS and not product – therefore, the knowledge from these weeks can be applied to any business or branch.

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Level 1. The Lean Management Production System will give you an overall picture of the elements that make up the fundamentals of Lean and how the entire system is connected in practise. ”Production” does not mean manufacturing but business system. This week will give you the base in really understanding Lean and to many people, a lot of eye-openers that will completely impact your way of driving continuous improvement upon returning to your company.

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Level 1_Production System in Japan 2023

Level 2. The Lean Management Leadership System was launched in 2014 when we found out that our customers that participated in the first tour and also ourselves, had a lot more questions that we wanted help to sort out. The base for the Lean concept is the leadership and this is very obvious in Level 1 but to be able to get a thorough understanding, you really need the elements and system set-up first. This second week is digging deaper into the behaviour of the leadership that drives the continuous improvement and will give you a more complete picture of the system. This week is exclusively offered to those who have participated in the Production System week (sorry – no exceptions-:)) as we see what difference it makes to have the base from Level 1 first.

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Level 2_Leadership System in Japan 2023


We can also add specific study visits, for example:
  • Lean Healthcare
  • Lean RD & E
  • Lean Supply Chain
  • TPM
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