What does Lean really imply? Several companies work actively with different Lean concepts, but few understand the full potential of what you can achieve. C2U Group AB have since 2004 a collaboration with Toyota where we, beside study trips to Japan, offer joint webinars.

Our Senseis come mainly from the Toyota Group and have at least 30 years of experience. They focus on the PROCESS and not the product – therefore, the knowledge can be applied to any kind of business. The webinars will give you both an insight into the tools and methods, but mostly a hands-on description of how Japanese world class companies work with development and sustainability in a long-term perspective.

The webinars

  • Each webinar will be 2 hours starting at 10 AM and in an interactive style

  • The session will be translated to English or Swedish depending on participants nationality

  • Microsoft Teams will be used as the tool

  • The webinars will not be recorded and are not allowed to record

  • 500 SEK/webinar per participant

Read about the seminars below and register.

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Webinar 1

2022-04-01, 10-12

Mindset and outline of
Toyota Production System and Toyota Way

How come people are so enthusiastic about Toyota? What is the background to their success? How is Toyota looking upon their  future? What parameters are important in their continuous drive for stability and improvements?

- Stable process through takt time
- Visual Management System
- Process Management
- Improvement Management through Strategy Deployment and Continuous Improvement

Webinar 2

2022-04-22, 10-12



What does a Lean journey imply from a leadership point of view?

Decisive leadership from top management is the key in determining the success of an organization’s lean transformation. How should they approach this vital task?

We explore the role of leaders and managers and deep-dive into the question of how they should take the lead and drive their lean journey.

Webinar 3

2022-05-13, 10-12

Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is the foundation for Toyota to drive their improvements. Being a leader at Toyota means to manage the yearly targets in a tangible way and Hoshin Kanri is their tool to succeed in this.
How does it work? What are the challenges and pitfalls? How do you follow up so as not to lose the overall targets? How to ensure the catch ball process? What is required of you as a leader?

Webinar 4

2022-06-10, 10-12

Process Stability


To maintain and sustain lasting results, the key factor is to work with process stability. The three basic tools in the foundation are standardized work, visualization and systematic problem solving.  How can these tools be the foundation for Toyota? What results can you achieve? 


Increase your understanding for how the production situation can benefit from process stability.



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