Fredrik Forsberg

Fredrik joins us from his previous position as responsible for Lean deployment at Arla Foods’ 45 manufacturing sites. He a has passion for and a very deep Lean knowledge.  He has hands-on experience from managing Lean Six Sigma projects in product quality, delivery performance and productivity in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to chemicals […]

Sebastian Widén

Sebastian is a lean specialist, having setup numerous lean systems in several companies. Breaking down visions and strategies into operational KPIs that forms the base for a company’s daily control, and building the operation system around this are topics where Sebastian can help. He masters all the tools needed to achieve a good combined result, […]

Linus Larsson

Linus has broad, international experience in production-related process development, with a focus on downtime reduction, standardized work, value flow analyzes, daily management and maintenance. He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and works with an analytical and data-driven perspective. Linus has also built up and implemented business, CRM and measurement systems, as well as […]

Niclas Ekström

Niclas has 25 years of experience with product life cycle management in various specialist and leadership roles. In his line of work, he has been working in Sweden as well internationally with small local & large size multinational companies. He also carries deep knowledge from project management, operations, marketing, sales & leadership. Niclas has a […]

Christer Johansson

Christer has extensive experience of running change and improvement projects in a number of industries. By using the right methods and tools adapted to the customer’s needs, it is ensured that the project can be carried out with the required results. Christer likes to work with companies in difficulty and turn-arounds. The most recent assignment […]

Jonny Hoffman

Jonny Hofman has more than 25 years of management experience from Fast MovingConsumer Goods. He has completed a large number of large projects in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and China He has been CEO of the Abba Seaffodi Orkla Group and CEO of Bringwellnå in the Midsona Group. He has worked as a Senior Management Consultant […]

Ingrid Elison

Ingrid has worked with business development all her professional career, mostly within the automotive industry at Saab Automobile AB. While being employed at the same company, she has worked in different departments at different levels of management. She has worked in manufacturing engineering, in the personnel department as head of training, as well as responsible […]

Erik Larsson

Erik T Larsson has broad experience in production, finance, marketing, construction design and restaurants and hotels. He has experience from, among others, Lear Corporation, Finnveden, Plastal, Södra, Nimbus Group, Trivselhus. At these companies, Erik has had roles as CEO, production director and division manager, etc. As a consultant, he has had assignments within Bewi, Leröy, […]

Haythem Nam

Haythem is specialized in Lean in both theory and in practice and have deep knowledge in Lean, Six sigma and TPM.   Haythem has extensive experience in leading Lean implementations. His capability to plan and facilitate improvement workshops and, to coordinate the implementation of improvement initiatives is especially worth mentioning.   He is very pedagogic […]

Rolf Ohlsson

Rolf Ohlsson has 30 years of experience with Lean and TPM in various specialist and leadership roles, and as a consultant in Swedish industry. His experience from various positions is the following companies; Saab Automobile, ABB, Parker Hannifin, Pågen and Scania. Rolfs has a Master of Science in automation Engineering at Chalmers Technical University. His […]
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