Increasing productivity has it challenges. When going from start-up to scale-up companies often struggle to increase productivity with profit. Below you see some customer stories on the topic.

Online Grocery: The company had been really successful in disrupting the value chain of giving customers home delivery of groceries. C2U was assigned to support to get operation profitable and able to scale up.

Key activities

  • Pre-study to analyze opportunities in productivity and understanding of current culture. During the pre-study, hands-on improvement was initiated to tackle obvious problems. The pre study ended up with an improvement plan where C2U was a key player. C2u have work with the client for many years and have also taken interims roles. In total C2U have contributed with 14 different consultans with there experties both in short and long term assigments.

    • Interim warehouse manager

    • Interim leader of internal Lean team

    • Interim HR Manager

    • Support in strategy.

    • Start-up of maintenance department

    • Support for automation

    • Supplier development 

  • C2U have done a lot of training and coaching to make sure that the customer can continue without support from C2U.

    • Lean introduction to all managers

    • Lean management education of selected leaders (as participants in our open course)

    • Leads coaching program over 9 months

    • Six Sigma green belt certification for quality department

    • Needs-based education through consultancy support

    • Study trips to Toyota in Japan

Some of the results

  • 300% increase of productivity

  • Set-up of a "lean" support organisation

  • Set-up of a maintenance organisation

Challenge: Customers complained about the quality, too many quality issues and a limited experience of industrial production. C2U hired to introduce lean thinking from leaders to operators and to set a vision for the unit.

Key activities

  • Analysis of production and management

  • Training in Lean and start of 5S and operator maintenance

  • Education for managers - Lean Intro, Lean Management, VSM, Workshops A3 and follow-up Standardization of operator maintenance

  • Line stabilization Operator maintenance in line

  • One-point lessons and standards in the line

  • Support for chairmen - job observation

  • Support for leaders Establish ownership of the vision - 20-00-60

  • Visual management, design of new boards

  • Meeting structure (morning meetings, weekly reporting to managers - A3 meeting every Tuesday at 13:28)

Some of the results

  • Stable production

  • No customer complaints Increase in production from 17 to 20 tonnes (18%)

  • Reduced downtime in production from 1,440 hours per year to 540 hours per year (62.5%)

  • Plan to reach a production cost of NOK 228 per tonne in 2018, from the current NOK 423 per tonne (46%)

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