The Execute Program – A Lean Management Training leading to significant results

Management has an important role in transferring the principles and values described in booklets and power point presentations into action and behavior. An effective way of transferring such documents into behavior is to work with practical training.

The purpose of this training program is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of top management to perform and empower continuous improvements. It will give the managers a better understanding of what the managements role is and what behavior is needed.

The focus is on some fundamental “cornerstones” in a lean operations system. The training will give good possibility to share common things and align thinking within your business, so that all people will have the same view of what needs to be done to reach a culture of continuous improvements and in the end have a more successful business.

In short

  • Adaptable to company needs
  • Each participant or participating site works with own pilot area in the program = direct result
  • Homework and coaching between modules
  • Proven program outline - references from large global companies
  • Run with multi-sites and countries
  • Productivity result increase at participating sites: 15-30 % within 6 months after finished program

Our Coaches

Mikako Lago-Lengquist

Samir Falfoul

Gert Frick

Jonas Pettersson

Overview of Modules


Lean Leadership

Leaders need to take an active role in driving the improvement process in order to reach company goals.
  • Stable process through Takt Time
  • Visual Management System
  • Process Management
  • Improvement Management through Strategy Deployment and Continuous Improvement



Lean Training Center
To build a platform for stable, efficient and capable processes. This module will show the capability for improvements and build-up a long-term stability in order to reach world-class.
  • Standardized Work with Job Element Sheets, Standard Operation Sheets, Work Balancing, Heijunka and Operator Training
  • Visualization


Systematic Problem Solving

To work with identifying deviations from standards, using a systematic approach to solve problems.
Focus on real management attitude/behavior to get the most out of the organization regarding problem solving.
  • Systematic Problem Solving Techniques
  • Root Cause Analysis


Strategy Deployment

Hoshin Kanri is the way to work with policy deployment. It is a systematic way to connect targets for different levels with concrete activities in order to reach company goals.
  • Policy Deployment
  • Action Deployment Technique
  • Gap Analysis


 Continuous Improvements

Continuous Improvement module is to strive for world-class by using the goals set in the Hoshin Kanri process to achieve a target-controlled improvement work.
  • Improving a Work Place
  • Efficient Layouts
  • Organization Issues
  • Material Handling Principles


How other companies are working to become world class.
Plant Visit
Group Assignment
A visit to a company that have come to a higher level in applying the Lean principles.
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