ABB Robotics in Västerås transformed one of its production lines from traditional robot assembly to takted station assembly. The transformation included new machine equipment, changed organization and a new way of working. When working with takt and also more flow-oriented, it is inevitable to set a standardized way of working. This is where C2U stepped in with expertise.

The assignment was to develop standardized work in one of the product lines together with the customer and then roll out the way of working to the other lines.

The implementation was done in steps:

  • We mapped the current situation in order to reuse existing templates, names and systems that were in place as much as possible. For example, ABB already had digital support for observation and for creating standards that we could use as-is.

  • We involved the operators to a large extent regarding the development of work standards. They participated in observing, setting and creating standards.

  • We developed training materials, templates and a standard for a standardized way of working.

  • Workshops were conducted in "why standardized work" and with practical training in how the operations were carried out. Implementation was done by all; from the operators to the top management.

  • Practical training in how to train operators in accordance with established work standards.

  • We created a system and conducted training for leaders in how to ensure that standards are complied with and how they support the improvement work.

  • On-going support and coaching (on-the-job-training) to ensure the entire implementation.

The implementation resulted in a stabilization of the process with improved key figures and a transfer of expertise to the customer who were able to cascade the new way of working within set time.

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