A Norwegian municipality decided to introduce Lean principles after seeing the impact and effect at some companies in the area. Methods and ways of thinking are as relevant to administrative work as in manufacturing businesses. The aim of using Lean in the municipality was to increase efficiency and become more relevant. Three pilot offices were selected.

Key Activities

  • Set target

  • Introduction of A3 methodology

  • Education in Lean

  • Customer survey

  • Employee survey

  • Individual and team profiling (DISC analysis)

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Visual guidance - improvement boards

  • Coaching

  • Force field analysis

  • Study trip to similar organizations

  • Organizational change

  • Support in recruiting new leaders

  • Plan for continuous improvement and follow-up 


Results after 6 months

  • Improvements to all KPIs (up to 50%)

  • Greater involvement of employees in the improvement work

  • Improved cooperation and clear agreements

  • More open environment and higher motivated staff

  • Leader roles and responsibilities became more clear

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