To implement or get a Lean Business System or Lean Production System in place is a challenge to every business. C2U has formed a successful way of developing a system or do a transformation using the seven dimensions in the picture above. Normally, we start with a pilot (version "0,5") and then cascade the learnings to the next pilot. 

We also facilitate networks of companies that already have their system in place to develop further by learning from each other.

Below you find some customer stories:

Building a Lean Business System to improve culture

This customer had used Lean tools for many years and made many good improvements. However, they started to notice that the efforts made were not sustainable, did not have the expected effect on the result and did not reach all employees. The customer understood that they have to create a business system, based on Lean, to have a common approach and support the desired culture to get most out of it.

Key Activities

  • Coaching of the management team to make the organization target-oriented

  • Current situation analysis including Denison culture analysis

  • Coaching and simulation of future challenge

  • Building blocks for a suitable business system

  • Start-up of pilot area to test and improve concepts, principles and tools

  • Development of detailed content in the business system

  • Building an internal Lean Academy


  • Power of action with a Lean Business System - acceptance among top leaders

  • Lean Academy

  • 2015: 567 improvements

  • 2016: 1025 improvements

  • SEK 47.8 million in documented cost reduction

  • 16 Customer - Supplier agreement (internal)

  • 21 Improvement boards

  • 11 Critical process team

  • 24 Internal business systems coaches

Lean Transformation journey

In 2016 the client released their global efficiency program, Transform to Perform (T2P), aimed at improving the major parts of operations including production, R&D, Supply chain etc. The customer needed a local partner to support their continued journey and selected C2U Group. Starting with a thorough baseline study that resulted in three pilots aiming for productivity improvements and cost reduction. In parallell, training the leaders to successively continue the journey on their own. Following a successful collaboration in operations the journey now continues with C2U helping in developing support functions. 


T2P Manager: ”C2U Group has proven to be the kind of Partner we have been looking for. Their consultants show great understanding of operations and has the right attitude. They have been a great partner in taking our organization to a next level of excellence.”


CEO: ”We have experience from different management consulting firms but are happy to extend the collaboration with C2U Group. They are respected in our organisation and understand our way of working."


Mikako Lago-Lengquist, partner & senior consultant at C2U has been a part of the journey since the collaboration started: The customers organisation has really shown that they are humble to their own challenges and dedicated to improve the way they lead and run operations. The results they have achieved so far are really impressive. The hard work pays off and bottle necks are moved along with the development which is a good sign of actions.”

Take your Lean System to the next level

When you have implemented a Lean System, you need motivation and inspiration to not fall back or to be able to continuously develop the system. C2U has therefore started several networks for long-time customers with webinars, workshops, study visits using the seven dimensions in the picture above as a guidance to the learning sessions. A "go to gemba" moment is a must in our sessions as we are true believers of how important it is to grasp the reality.
Example of content for network sessions:
  • Assessments in different areas - from Lean maturity to leadership coaching
  • Development of new blocks
  • Development of leadership principles
  • Strategy deployment/Hoshin Kanri - how the companies work with objective break down and how to create ownership in the organisation
  • Training of leaders - deep understanding of muda, mura and muri
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