The customer had struggled with the fact that the delivery rate from their suppliers was deficient, which made it difficult to satisfy their customers with a high and stable availability of goods. It also made customers choose to go to a physical store instead to buy the goods they wanted. They lost customers that they could have kept if they had been able to monitor the suppliers' delivery capacity in a correct way.

Key Activities

  • Analyze how many active suppliers existed in the system

  • Set goals and purpose for the follow-up

  • Establish stakeholder management

  • Set up a project group that was cross-functional

  • Look at the current situation and future situation

  • Create a standard for follow-up and process


  • The delivery rate increased by 23% on the pilot suppliers

  • The delivery rate increased by 9% on the entire supplier base in total

  • 47% of suppliers now have continuous follow-up and are increasing

  • Escalation process for suppliers who do not reach goals implemented.

  • Better follow-up of quality deviations

  • New standard for conducting meetings with suppliers implemented

The aim of the assignment was to help the customer to understand their quality costs (COQ) to improve the organization and also the quality processes. Together with the customer, we did a thorough analysis of the entire challenge and what costs could be related to poor quality. The action plan consisted of several activities where building a stronger global quality organization was one of the main areas.


Key Activities

  • Calculation of the cost of poor quality (COPQ)

  • Introducing a way of working for following up cost

  • Analysis of quality organization and work set-up

  • Build-up a stronger quality organization

  • Start a supplier development program


  • Reduction in open customer complaints - 89.8%

  • Reduction in incoming complaints - 26%

  • Introduction of a global reporting system

  • ISO revisions without remarks

  • Introduction of problem-solving methods in all operational departments

C2U Approach

  • Thorough baseline study

  • Education and training of key persons

  • Train in problem-solving methods

  • Structure of process for quality services

  • Coaching

  • Risk management

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