C2U Group
[siː tuː juː  gruːp]
C2U Group is a Nordic company that offers services within consulting, interim management, leadership and training. We help our customers to solve their problems or to achieve next level!
Most assignments touches both the structural and the cultural perspective of our customers. The goal is to help our customers to achieve improvements that will last and that they are able to continue the work on their own.
C2U Group also consists of C2U Academy, where we gather educations and trainings to complement our assignments and help our customers to develop learning organizations through  train-the-trainer concept.
C2U Group has offices in Oslo, Gothenburg and also its own training center (Lean Training Center a.k.a. Pedal Cart Factory/Trampbilsfabriken) in Forsheda in Småland.
Our Consultants
Our most important competitive advantage is the consultants' deep practical experience of being top managers and leaders in Nordic companies, combined with years of experience in strategic and operational work, change management and continuous improvement. We work systematically using data and facts, well-known methods and have a down-to-earth approach. 
We work globally, assisting customers with everything from major restructuring projects, turnarounds or significant step-up changes to daily stabilization assignments or interim solutions. 
Our Values
As a organization, C2U focuses on building a culture that benefits our customers, our employees and C2U as an organization as much as possible.
The basis for such cultural work is our values; Dedication, Relation, Innovation, Values and Engagement - DRIVE.
The values we have developed together are intended to establish a uniform guide for interaction with our customers and between us as employees, colleagues and friends. For us, DRIVE is an important guiding star for solving assignments with our customers. It represents the energy and power needed to achieve goals and achieve results. 


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We have a real commitment to helping our customers succeed.
We provide advice that is always based on high levels of professionalism and loyalty to the will to make a difference for the customer.
Good relationships bind people together. Both in relation to our customers and between us as C2U employees.
We strengthen the relationship between the people we work with, and lay the foundation for a long-term relationship that is characterized by clear communication, mutual understanding, openness and respect.
C2U is constantly working to adapt to the customer's specific needs. Sometimes it means finding new solutions to new challenges. Other times it can mean finding new ways to apply existing ways of thinking, methods and tools.
At C2U, it is high on the agenda to think new and innovative, always with the intention of creating growth and learning for our customers and for our employees.
We live by creating added value for the customer. Therefore, C2U's consultants always have a strong focus on understanding the challenges customers face, such as setting clear goals for assignments with the customer.
We must also create value for the individual employee. We do this best by facilitating personal development through commitment, challenging tasks, good learning and good collaboration within C2U.
Implementation is one of C2U's major competitive advantages. As a team, we have experience from a number of different companies and industries. Our involvement in several competitive markets gives us a solid foundation for providing qualified advice. We know what is needed to create increased energy in your organization and faster pace in your improvement processes. 
In the implementation phase, our consultants are always action-oriented and “hands-on” at the same time as we are good reflection partners for our customers.
We use automatic translation.