Meet Sebastian Widén – broad lean experience


Sebastian, can you tell a little bit of about yourself?

I am a man that enjoys variation. I live on the countryside, right outside a small village in Sweden, with my family that consists of a wife, four kids, a black dog and a lot of bees. I am really comfortable there among the bees and in the garden, but in contrast I also love to travel and meet new people. In work life, I enjoy myself in fast-paced environments, with ideas and changes surrounding me, where I strive to sort out the best way forward for the company. 


Moving into a consultant role, how will you support our clients?

Well, for a lot of years, I have been working as a consultant. Both explicit and as an internal Group resource. I hope that I can continue that mission, to help companies build their structured approach to their business development. My dream projects are mixes of flow analysis, layout changes and inventory control, combined with the activation and engagement of the people involved. And I do believe that I am able to help the clients walking the path towards more structure, less inventory, better flows and better quality.


What do you find most interesting about working with lean?

The people! I am a technician as a base, and I’ll take on any technical issues that occurs, but it is working with people that is the most rewarding part of my job. To see a person raise from silence into creativity, because of the changed conditions and structure in the company is the best receipt on well working system. And since I am blessed with having the best job possible, this happens over and over again!

When we create well working lean companies, we create a learning and including organization, that catches the abilities of the entire staff and uses it in the company. And I am saying “we” on purpose here, because this is nothing any consultant can do by himself. This takes a lot of hard work from the client as well, but when we succeed, it is such a reward for us all!

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