Double volume, higher quality, with the same people in 6 months?

In 6 months, our customer in the heating system industry doubled the volume of units produced in the plant, with higher quality and with the same amount of people. How is it possible to turn a harsh situation in just a short time? Well, two key parameters - management training and daily control. Management were trained in basic production skills - the aim was to have the same view on the current situation. A structure for daily control with pulse meetings and visual boards were set up - the aim was once again to have the same view on the current situation. When all have the same view and the same understanding, fact-based actions can be taken. You start to prioritize better and can exclude unnecessary activities.

At times, the management were not consequent with attending pulse meetings, nor consistent with acting on the current state. Immediately, there were problems popping up regarding manning, machinery, material, planning, etc. This became obvious to the operators very quickly that leader attendance and daily control has a strong connection to number of problems. 

In some cases, you need a strong management team pointing and driving the business towards a future target but in most cases, the challenge is to achieve process stability. Process stability relies on basic management skills; standard work, operator training, systematic problem solving, and moreover, daily control. Today this customer continues to deliver high volume with a higher quality output  compared to a year ago. 

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