Mr Akinori Hyodo to Scandinavia in October 2021



Give yourself and your management team a boost and concrete input to your continuous improvement work with Mr Akinori Hyodo.

Mr Akinori Hyodo is a well-renowned former manager of Gifu Auto Body, one of the 18 Toyota group whole car manufacturers in Japan. The plant is consistently ranked the number one Toyota factory globally for its outstanding quality management and excellence. Akinori has held several significant senior management roles including factory manager, key member and leader of All-Toyota Kaizen Promotion program,  and also later appointed to be Director in charge of TPS promotion.

Akinori is now retired from Toyota and shares his extensive manufacturing experience spanning four decades with the clients of C2U Group. Akinori hosts C2U Lean Management Tours to Japan on a regular basis and has as a consultant been visiting Scandinavia for assessments, trainings, workshops with C2U (former JMAC) clients.

Mr Akinori Hyodo will visit Scandinavia in October 2021, adjacent to participating in the Lean Forum conference in Stockholm in mid-October. To get an exclusive opportunity to learn from the best, contact C2U Group with your inquiry.

  • Assessment of own business from TPS perspective
  • Inspirational coaching and discussions
  • Lean Leadership interactions
  • Training in Hoshin Kanri
  • Etc.
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